Betway Empowers 10 Fintech P.O.S Operator with Solar Powered Kiosk

by Vincent Godstime


Betway Empowers 10 Fintech P.O.S Operator with Solar Powered Kiosk

Betway, Nigeria’s renowned online and gaming brand, is leaving a positive mark on the entrepreneurial landscape of Lagos. The company has recently declared its support for ten Fintech point of sale (POS) operators in the city by providing them with solar-powered kiosks to enhance their business operations. This initiative is in line with the brand’s commitment to bolster small businesses and entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

Recognizing the challenges faced by POS operators in Nigeria, including daily power outages and limited financial resources, Betway has taken a step forward to support these entrepreneurs with a practical solution. The newly provided solar-powered kiosks are designed to overcome these obstacles and provide reliable and efficient power supply to the Fintech POS operators. With the help of a solar panel and inverter, the operators can conduct their business transactions seamlessly and offer their customers a superior experience. The kiosks are also weather-resistant, allowing them to function effectively in all environments. Overall, this initiative demonstrates Betway’s commitment to promoting entrepreneurship and supporting small businesses in Nigeria.

Betway has a history of actively supporting communities, small businesses, and entrepreneurs in Nigeria, and their impact has been felt in many areas. One such instance is their intervention in 2022 when they offered assistance to flood-ravaged communities in Bayelsa state. The company donated ₦5,000,000 worth of food supplies and daily needs products, which were distributed by the Bayelsa State Emergency Management Agency and the National Emergency Management Agency. This contribution was a vital lifeline to those affected by the flood, and Betway’s CSR initiatives have had a significant impact on the lives of people in these communities. It is heartening to see a company taking the initiative to give back to society in such a meaningful way.


Betway Empowers 10 Fintech P.O.S Operator with Solar Powered Kiosk

According to Betway Nigeria’s Chief Operations Officer, Otunba Kunle Olamuyiwa, he stated, “We are committed to supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Our focus is on empowering these businesses to thrive and contribute to the growth of the economy. The solar-powered kiosks will help these Fintech POS operators to operate more efficiently and serve their customers better.” Otunba Olamuyiwa went on to note that many POS operators lack proper kiosks or shops and conduct their businesses under umbrellas, making them vulnerable to the weather. He also remarked that the kiosks will significantly improve their beneficiaries’ businesses and lead to greater success

The Fintech POS operators who received the solar-powered kiosks have expressed their appreciation to Betway for their generosity. The operators noted that the kiosks have had a significant impact on their businesses, allowing them to offer improved services to their customers. They also praised the betting company for its dedication to supporting small businesses in Nigeria. One of the beneficiaries, Larry, who is a graduate of a Polytechnic and ventured into the POS business due to a lack of employment opportunities after graduation, expressed his surprise and gratitude for the support. He said, “I am still in shock and cannot believe that I now have a state-of-the-art kiosk for my business. I saw the video on Betway’s Twitter handle, which requested POS operators in Lagos to indicate their need for a kiosk, and I took a leap of faith and asked my friends to support me so that I could be chosen. I am very thankful to Betway for this assistance.”

Dotun Adepegba, the Marketing Manager for Betway in Nigeria, stated that this initiative aligns with Betway’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts to promote the growth of small businesses in Nigeria. He emphasized that the company is dedicated to making a positive impact in the communities where they operate. “We didn’t just provide the beneficiaries with kiosks to enhance their businesses,” he said. “We also ensured that they underwent a brief financial training program that would enable them to operate their businesses profitably.”

Source: Nairametrics

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