JRB Solar to Boost Local Renewable Product Production

by Oladosu Adebayo

JRB Solar to Boost Local Renewable Product ProductionJRB Solar Investment Limited, an indigenous firm specializing in clean and renewable energy solutions in Nigeria, has recently announced its collaboration with European and Chinese partners to establish local manufacturing facilities for renewable energy products. Enemal Theophilus, the corporate communications officer of the company, shared this information with reporters in Abuja, emphasizing the pressing need to address the significant portion of Nigerians lacking access to electricity. According to Theophilus, recent surveys indicate that approximately 80-90 million Nigerians, nearly half of the population, are without access to electricity. This underscores the urgency for the country to adopt renewable energy solutions to bridge this gap effectively. To achieve this goal, JRB Solar Investment Limited aims to leverage partnerships with European and Chinese firms for local manufacturing, seeking support from the federal government.
Theophilus highlighted Germany’s ambitious renewable energy target, aiming to derive 70% of its power from renewable sources by 2025, as an example to emulate. He emphasized that solar energy should not merely serve as an alternative but become the primary power source in the long run. To facilitate this transition, the company advocates for tax waivers and incentives from the government to boost production and efficiently meet Nigerians’ energy needs.

Furthermore, Theophilus emphasized the potential benefits of enhancing local renewable energy production, including job creation, environmental preservation, and economic growth. He stressed the importance of government support through tax waivers and incentives to enable local manufacturers to thrive in the renewable energy sector.
In conclusion, Theophilus emphasized that prioritizing renewables as a primary source of electricity addresses the current energy deficit and aligns Nigeria with global renewable energy targets. He called for concerted efforts from the government and stakeholders to realize the full potential of renewable energy in Nigeria’s energy landscape.

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