Sun Africa Pledges $10bn Support For Nigeria’s Energy Needs

by Oladosu Adebayo

Sun Africa LLC, a well-established international organization, is at the forefront of meeting Africa’s growing energy needs. The company has pledged to provide support to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration in Nigeria by providing essential power infrastructure. The commitment has been formalized and was disclosed by Chief Adebayo Adelabu, the Minister of Power, after a meeting with representatives of Sun Africa, led by its Chairman, Mr. Goran Rajsic.

The primary objective of the project is to deliver 961 MWp of solar photovoltaic (PV) infrastructure and 455 MWh of battery energy storage, valued at approximately US$2.2 billion. Sun Africa, along with its partners, is set to implement this transformative project in the coming months, which will be a significant milestone in advancing sustainable and reliable energy solutions for Nigerians.
As Africa’s largest economy, Nigeria faces significant demands for new power infrastructure to support economic needs and transition to a sustainable power mix. This commitment from all parties involved ensures close collaboration to execute this vital renewable power infrastructure, addressing the nation’s requirements, the Minister said.


Mr Rajsic expressed excitement and thanked partners for their support in designing this cutting-edge project featuring leading solar PV and battery storage technologies, financed with affordable, long-term debt under the OECD guidelines. Sun Africa’s financing partners, ING Bank and Citi, have also emphasized their commitment by arranging up to US$10 billion in financing over the coming years, extending to both the initial phase and future developments.
Furthermore, Sun Africa is collaborating with Sterling & Wilson Renewable Energy Limited, its EPC partner, by playing a pivotal role in providing EPC services for the initial project phase. The joint efforts signify a remarkable milestone in advancing sustainable and reliable energy solutions for Nigerians, aligning with the commitment to driving positive change through innovative renewable energy solutions.
In conclusion, with the support of Sun Africa and its partners, Nigeria can look forward to a greener, more sustainable future with reliable and renewable energy solutions.

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