LG Donates Solar-powered Borehole To Gudu Community In Abuja

by Oladosu Adebayo

LG Electronics, renowned for its advancements in technology and innovation, has reaffirmed its commitment to global sustainability initiatives by collaborating with the Federal Ministry of Water Resources and Sanitation in commemorating the United Nations World Water Day. 

In line with the theme of ‘Water for Peace’, which underscores the pivotal role of water in fostering stability and prosperity worldwide, LG Electronics has made a significant contribution to the Gudu Community in Abuja. This contribution takes the form of a solar-powered borehole, emphasizing both environmental consciousness and the provision of essential resources to communities in need.

officials of the Lg electronics company at the commisioning of Solar-powered borehole in Abuja to commemorate the United Nations World Water Day

On this special day, a series of events were organized to celebrate, including a Peace walk around FCT and a special press conference attended by relevant partners, international NGOs, Federal ministry representatives, and private corporations.
During the commissioning of the solar-powered borehole, Prof. Joseph Terlumun Utsev, the minister, expressed his happiness and gratitude for the celebration of World Water Day, particularly highlighting the significance of the borehole donation to the Gudu Community.
Emphasizing the importance of water, the minister stated, “Water is life, and we cannot even imagine our life without it. It plays a vital role in human development and is more than just a means to quench our thirst. This day provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the scarcity of water and consider how we can make a difference.”

The commisioning of Solar-powerd borehole in Abuja by reprsentatives of the LG Electronics.

The minister highlighted the global water crisis, stating that around two billion people lack access to clean drinking water and 3.6 billion people lack adequate sanitation services. In Nigeria, approximately 60 million people lack access to safe water sources, leading to health challenges and hindering socio-economic development. 

The minister emphasized the need for corporate organizations to contribute to providing clean water to vulnerable communities. LG Electronics managing director expressed gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate and emphasized the importance of access to clean water for a good life. He also urged other corporate organizations to join in addressing the scarcity of clean water, which has devastating effects on communities. The event was attended by various organizations and ministry representatives, all working towards ensuring access to safe and clean water for all.



Source: Leadership.ng

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