90,000 New Nigerians Connected to Clean Solar Energy

Leading the way towards a sustainable energy future in Nigeria

by Vincent Godstime

MySol Nigeria, a solar home systems brand in Nigeria, has announced that it has reached a new milestone of connecting 90,000 households to clean solar energy. The company’s green energy solutions have had a significant impact on 450,000 lives across Nigeria.

The managing director of ENGIE Energy Access Nigeria, Bankole Cardoso, announced in Lagos that MySol Nigeria had connected 90,000 households to clean solar energy, improving the lives of 450,000 people across the country. Cardoso stated that this achievement demonstrated the company’s dedication to improving the lives of those in underserved and unserved rural communities in Nigeria. He added that MySol’s innovative off-grid solutions are an important part of addressing the issue of inadequate power generation and supply, which is a major challenge in many African countries, including Nigeria. Cardoso congratulated his team on reaching the 90,000-customer milestone.

Emmanuel Eguaroje, Head of Commercial at ENGIE Energy Access Nigeria, commented on the milestone achieved by MySol Nigeria, stating that the number of productive and commercial users, as well as those owning appliances, has increased with the use of MySol and other off-grid solutions. Eguaroje said that ENGIE Energy Access is playing a key role in driving socio-economic growth in Nigeria by making affordable and reliable off-grid solar solutions available to a wider range of people. He added that the company is pleased to be contributing to the improved livelihoods of its customers and their families.

MySol offers a range of solar energy solutions for homes and businesses, including simple systems with bulbs to power a space and charge phones, fan kits for comfort, TV kits for access to information and entertainment, and various accessories such as radios, speakers, and torches. The company also offers larger solar home systems that can power a range of appliances, including TVs, fans, phones, laptops, and lights.

ENGIE Energy Access is a subsidiary of ENGIE, a global leader in low-carbon energy and services. Sub-Saharan Africa has the lowest energy access rate in the world, with over half of its population lacking connection. ENGIE Energy Access aims to address this issue through large-scale innovation.

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