Electricity Tariff Hike: The Imperative of Solar Powered Freezer

by Oladosu Adebayo

Electricity Tariff Hike: The Imperative of Solar Powered Freezer

This is certainly the best of times for Nigerians to consider the use of a solar powered freezer manufactured by Greenpower Overseas Nigeria Limited. Only recently, the Nigerian government removed subsidies on electricity, and this has culminated in an astronomical increase in electricity tariffs in Nigeria. Many Nigerians may find it extremely difficult in the coming days to meet their energy needs as a result of its affordability.

However, Green Power Nigeria, a renewable energy and technology hub with an outstanding track record of excellence in all major cities in Nigeria, is here to unlock the power of solar energy through the use of Solar Powered Freezer as a way of using technology via renewable energy to meet and solve human needs.

Unarguably, solar is here to stay. Therefore, it is necessary for us to see what solar is and how it could benefit the human race. Solar energy, no doubt, is one of the most abundant energy resources on earth to make life easy and worth living for the human race.

Numerous benefits of a Solar Powered Freezer in Nigeria at a time like this can not be overstressed. The benefits include

1. It is durable owing to the fact that it can withstand any environmental pressure. Long-lasting and cannot easily be damaged.
2. Solar Powered Freezer is environmentally friendly as it does not cause any health hazard but rather protects the earth and environment.
3. It’s largely cheap and affordable. With the recent hike in electricity tariff, many homes in Nigeria won’t be able to afford the energy to power their freezers and refrigerators except through Solar Powered Freezers.
4. A Solar Powered Freezer completely eliminates the use of electricity and a generator.
5. It is equally gird independent. It doesn’t run or be powered by any sources of electricity other than solar. Therefore, the users are assured of a constant source of energy to power it.
Go for Solar Powered Freezer today. A trial will certainly convince you. GreenPower is the only solution to the energy problem faced by Nigerians.


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