Maths Teacher Built A Solar Car From Scratch

Transforming Passion into Reality: The Inspiring Story of a Mathematics Teacher's in Solar-Powered Car

by Vincent Godstime

Maths Teacher Built A Solar Car From Scratch

In an exclusive report, we can confirm that Bilal Ahmed, a mathematics teacher hailing from Srinagar’s Sanat Nagar, has accomplished a remarkable feat. Despite his demanding career, Mr Ahmed has managed to channel his lifelong love for automobiles into a devoted undertaking, which has taken him a staggering 11 years to complete. Through sheer perseverance and determination, he has transformed his cherished dream into a reality.

The achievement of the mathematics teacher from Srinagar’s Sanat Nagar did not go unnoticed, as former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Omar Abdullah, took to Twitter to express his admiration. In a tweet, Mr Abdullah remarked on the remarkable features of the vehicle, including its potential ability to fly, owing to the presence of solar panels on the body and a charging point inside.

In pursuit of his vision to create opulent yet economical cars for the masses, Mr Ahmed delved into the study of vintage automobiles from the 1950s. During his research, he came across the groundbreaking work of a Detroit-based engineer who owned the esteemed automobile company DMC. Drawing inspiration from the work of this innovator, Mr Ahmed recognized the inaccessible nature of luxury cars like Mercedes, Ferrari, and BMW for the common person, and saw an opportunity to create a more inclusive experience.

Maths Teacher Built A Solar Car From ScratchHe initiated the process by modifying a car, using instructional videos and incorporating novel features. “Initially, I had set out to build a car for the differently-abled, but financial constraints prevented me from pursuing the project,” he stated.

After conceiving the idea in 2009, the visionary embarked on a journey to construct a solar-powered car, an endeavor that came to fruition in the present year. Boasting features that rival those of opulent cars, the Srinagar-based creator asserted that the car operates exclusively on electrical energy generated by monocrystalline solar panels.

Mr Ahmed selected these particular panels for their exceptional ability to produce maximum electricity even with minimal solar exposure, in addition to their efficiency and minimal surface area requirements. In addition, the car incorporates fully automatic functions and gullwing doors that overcome spatial constraints.

Reflecting on the project, Mr Ahmed remarked that he did not receive any financial aid, adding, “If I had the necessary support, perhaps I could have been the Elon Musk of Kashmir.”

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