5 Reasons why Solar Rooftop is the best for Homeowners in Nigeria

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Enjoying the benefits of solar energy has never been easier. Continued technological innovation has made solar panels more affordable than before. many homeowners opt for solar systems because they eliminate their financial and maintenance-related responsibilities for other sources, especially generators, and at the same time cut down on their home energy bills. The durability of a solar power system installed on a roof depends entirely on the integrity of the roof on which the system will be installed. More to say that installing solar panels, the quality of the roof matters.

Integrity Check:

Installing a solar panel on a weak roof is like building a house on a cracked or crumbling foundation. The structure of the house may be damaged and the entire base structural unit may require serious repair or replacement. That’s why it is important to conduct an integrity check on any rooftop where solar panels will be installed, however, steel and metal roof is not necessarily a must if you plan to migrate your home’s energy system to a Photovoltaic system.

Solar Rack Mount:

Solar Rackmount is required to hold the PV modules firmly on the rooftop, this will ensure that the solar installation is durable and designed to handle harsh weather conditions, especially extreme wind speeds. Therefore, standard rooftop solar installations must-have metal, steel, or aluminum rails designed to meet extreme environmental conditions that match the lifespan designed of solar panels.

Roof Integrity Test:

Unfortunately, it may be necessary to carry out an integrity test of a roof that is more than 10 years old, this is fundamental for installing solar PV on old buildings. retrofitting Solar panels on a 10+-year-old roof requires expertise that only experience solar installers can handle not just because of durability but for safety concerns. Older roofs run the risk of failing before the solar panel racks fail. This can mean that when you do a complete refurbishment or replacement of the roof, it can cost you a fortune.

Here are some reasons why solar rooftops are considered the best choice for homeowners in Nigeria

  1. They are a better warranty match. The average lifespan of a solar panel is 25 years. Longer-lived asphalt shingles can have warranties of up to 20 years or so, but warranties typically don’t cover high winds, hurricanes, or other extreme actions. Additionally, any major repairs may require deconstruction and reinstallation of the solar panels.
  2. The solar racks can easily be installed on any side of the roof but adequate consideration but be considered for the tint orientation of the solar panel to track the sun especially if the solar tracker is not provided.
  3. Most homeowners like the aesthetic and beauty enhancement of rooftop solar installations, only the beautiful black and silver face of the solar panels are visible to the viewers while the metal or aluminum rack fastening the panels to the roofs is hidden beneath the roof panels.
  4. The rooftop is the most secure space for solar panels against vandalization and  theft
  5. The rooftop becomes a space of commercial value, especially in countries where homeowners generate electricity and sell to the grid, some homeowners lease their rooftop to solar developers to install solar panels to generate electricity at commercial value.

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