Solar Powered Water Purifier: A Sustainable Approach to get Clean Water

by Vincent Godstime

Although the world is predominantly covered in water, not all of it is suitable for consumption. While individuals residing in urban and even certain rural areas have the convenience of purified water accessibility, a significant number of people may be situated miles away from the nearest natural water source. Although humans require water to survive, individuals residing in remote regions of the world must consume unclean, bacteria-ridden water simply to stay alive, frequently leading to illness. Though deploying water purifiers to these regions may appear to be the most straightforward approach, the majority of such systems require electricity, which can be difficult to obtain, even with solar generators. This innovative solution, on the other hand, employs the sun’s energy in a distinct manner, presenting a completely sustainable resolution.

Solar Powered Water Purifier: A Sustainable Approach to get Clean Water

The standard method for purifying water involves the use of various filters, as seen in small household water purifiers. While some filters operate by allowing water to pass through under pressure from faucets, others rely on electricity to power motors and other electronic components. However, these methods are not practical in remote regions that lack access to both electricity and clean water sources. Although it is possible to connect such a purifier to a solar generator, the reliance on batteries and electronic components restricts the purifier’s sustainability.

On the other hand, Stil utilizes solar energy not to fuel electronic components but to purify the water directly. This process entails heating water to its boiling point, followed by the collection of the resulting condensation as clean, distilled water. As this method does not require any electricity or electronic devices, this type of purifier can be deployed and utilized in any location with access to sunlight being the sole crucial prerequisite for Stil’s operation.

Solar Powered Water Purifier: A Sustainable Approach to get Clean Water

While the water purification process using Stil may appear straightforward, the creation of this eco-friendly purifier is a rather complex undertaking. For instance, the design of the Fresnel lens, which captures sunlight, is dome-shaped, allowing sunlight to reach it from all directions. The thick metal core, in turn, serves as a rod, ensuring even boiling of the water when heated. The purifier is also equipped with a covered overflow hole that prevents the contamination of clean water by dirty water. Additionally, the components are structured in a manner that allows for effortless disassembly for cleaning purposes.

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