5 Reasons Why Oil Rigs and Oil Companies are transitioning to Solar energy

by Victor Akere



In the present day, it has become very difficult for people to survive in this modern world with traditional energy sources. The traditional energy sources that are being used by the people are oil, gas, and coal. These sources have been used by people for many years and people are finding it difficult to give up these energy sources but the present reality provides the world no other choice than to embrace a better alternative energy source that is clean, environmentally friendly, renewable, and sustainable.  The question now is  If Oil Rigs Can Embrace Solar Technology, why not You?

It’s not a new thing that people always meet new technology with a lot of skepticism. When Television was first introduced into the Nigerian market, many people avoided it. Some even claimed it was a diabolic evil and had very serious spiritual consequences. But as time went on it started gaining acceptance and today, almost every family has access to a television set. And this is not just limited to Television. We saw the same with Cars, Airplanes and many other kinds of machines.  The latest was the outrage over 5g Technology. And like every other technological advancement, people began to see how safe and beneficial it was to their livelihoods.

This brings me to Solar Technology. Although it’s not exactly a new technology, it still gets some resistance from people. One of the reasons is that Most people don’t understand how it works.  “How can you get electricity from ordinary sunlight?” Plus other puzzling questions people may ask.  And it’s understandable. Some of the details can be confusing, even for the experts. And this is why billions of Dollars are being pumped into Solar Research to improve what we have on hand already. But let me quickly draw your attention to something. Lately…Oil rigs now depend more on Solar energy to power their very critical operations like communications, is that not interesting?

Let me quickly give you some reasons why Solar power systems will be the most popular alternative energy source in many years to come. With the increasing tariff of electricity from the public utilities, the rising price of fossil fuels,s and rising awareness about the environment, people are looking for a more sustainable way to produce electricity. Today, Solar Power is more affordable than ever to install, and it can pay for itself in just a few years.

Solar power systems are very cheap in the long run. They provide a lot of benefits including cost savings and environmental protection. Here are some reasons why solar energy is the best alternative energy source in the world:

  • Solar technology has improved and become much more efficient and affordable to produce on a commercial scale. Some contributing factors consist of creating higher-efficiency solar cells through research and development, market-stimulating policies, and building larger solar panel manufacturing
  • Many governments are working to meet their greenhouse-gas emissions targets and as a result, they are also pushing the industry to reduce costs. However other reasons why solar power system is cheap on the run are
  • Solar energy is free! You don’t need to pay anything to get it. It is a free gift to humanity; you just need to set up your system to harness your fair share of this free gift of nature and get started right away.
  • Solar panels are durable and last for decades without any maintenance or repair required by you at all! This means that they will save you money on repair costs over time too!
  • So far, Solar Energy is the Cleanest and easiest to deploy anywhere, Unlike traditional energy sources, solar has no negative effects on air quality—it doesn’t generate carbon monoxide or sulfur dioxide—and using it can earn carbon offset credits for oil and gas producers.

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    So once again I ask…If Oil Rigs and Oil Companies are transitioning to Solar energy, why not you?

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