Lagos State Government Advocates Solar Energy Adoption to Combat Emissions

by Vincent Godstime

Lagos State Government Advocates Solar Energy Adoption to Combat Emissions

Lagos State Government reaffirms commitment to tackling emissions with solar energy. In a move to prioritize environmental sustainability, the Lagos State Government recently organized a significant validation workshop to assess gaps and needs for energy projects. The workshop served as a crucial step towards the widespread adoption of solar renewable energy sources throughout the state. By emphasizing solar power, the government aims to effectively address emissions and promote a cleaner and greener future for Lagos.

This information was shared in an official press release signed by the Director of Public Affairs, Ministry of Environment and Water Resources, Adekunle Adeshina. During a recent workshop held at the Protea Hotel, Alausa, Ikeja, the Permanent Secretary of the Office of Environmental Services, Tajudeen Gaji, highlighted that the energy sector holds the highest position in the state’s emission profile, as per the latest emission inventory.

Gaji emphasized that addressing this issue is crucial and stated, “To tackle this challenge, the Lagos Climate Action Plan has recommended the adoption of solar renewables.” Furthermore, Gaji emphasized that the Lagos Climate Action Plan underwent a thorough examination, underscoring the need for collective commitment to steer Lagos towards a trajectory of emission reduction and global participation in climate actions.

He also highlighted that the Lagos Urban Development Initiative played a significant role in the process, employing various strategies such as the inception report, stakeholder mapping, and bilateral engagements to develop robust business and financial models for implementing the project.

Mrs Olamide Udoma-Ejorh, a consultant representing the Lagos Urban Development Initiative, provided further insights by highlighting four key laws, acts, and policies that hold significant relevance to the project in Lagos State.

She specifically mentioned the following legislations: the recently enacted Lagos State Government Electricity Policy (2021), the Lagos State Integrated Resource Plan, the Lagos State Climate Action Plan (2020-2025), and the Lagos State Resilience Strategy. These laws collectively serve as crucial frameworks guiding the implementation of sustainable energy solutions and climate resilience measures in Lagos State.

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