Westa.Solar increases its installed solar capacity in Nigeria to 3MW in 2023

by Vincent Godstime
Westa.Solar increases its installed solar capacity in Nigeria to 3MW in 2023

Nigeria has been facing a severe power crisis for a long time that has hindered its industrialization and foreign investment prospects, leading to significant economic losses. However, westa.solar, a top commercial and industrial solar solutions provider, has now commissioned a 990kWp solar installation at Aspira Nigeria Limited to help address these challenges.

This expansion of their installed solar capacity is a testament to westa.solar’s commitment to renewable energy and dedication to mitigating Nigeria’s power crisis. This will bridge the gap in power supply, providing clean, reliable, and sustainable energy to businesses across the country.
In 2022, westa.solar secured a mezzanine loan of over a million dollars from the Development Bank of Austria (OeEB) and has continued to positively grow its portfolio. The company’s Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) model offers a robust power supply solution, including financing, design, procurement, installation, and maintenance of rooftop and ground-mounted solar projects for commercial and industrial clients in West Africa.

By providing finance for the projects, westa.solar takes up the initial capital investment that is typically a high amount of funds for a large turn-key solution, ensuring a competitive Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE), with respect to the clients’ existing cost of using a combination of electricity from the national grid and diesel or gas generators to supply their energy needs.
In the past two months, westa.solar has successfully managed its new solar rooftop power plant of 990KWp at Aspira Nigeria Limited, located in Kano state, Nigeria. This project is expected to offset over 18,000 tons of CO2 emissions during its lifetime, with cost savings to Aspira Nigeria Limited estimated at 2.5 billion Naira.

Westa.Solar increases its installed solar capacity in Nigeria to 3MW in 2023

Moreover, the earlier commissioning of a 396kWp solution at Angel Spinning and Dyeing Limited adds to a growing list of clientele under westa.solar’s PPA model, with a total installed capacity of 3MWp of solar. This achievement, along with westa.solar’s solar hybrid systems ranging from 120kW to 5MW, is an excellent solution for manufacturing companies or large-scale businesses with energy-intensive daily operations.
By providing reliable power supply at a competitive price, westa.solar offers greater financial predictability and contributes to decarbonizing the Nigerian energy mix.

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