Greece Commence Mass Production of Semi-transparent Printed PV Panels

by Vincent Godstime

Professor Stergios Logothetidis, President of the HOPE-A Association and project coordinator, has unveiled the launch of two projects, Flex2Energy and COPE-Nano, in Greece. These projects have a combined budget of €51 million ($54.4 million) and are anticipated to transform Greece into a significant player in the production of green energy and cutting-edge value-added products. Additionally, they will create numerous specialized scientific jobs and contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions.

Fourteen European industrial and research entities have joined forces to create the Flex2Energy project, which is funded by the EU. The project aims to establish a 3rd-generation integrated transparent photovoltaic production facility, set to become operational by the end of 2025.

Christoforos Varlamis, CEO of Organic Electronic Technologies (OET) and a significant participant in the project, provided insight into the characteristics of the 3rd-generation photovoltaics that will be produced in the facility.

“The 3rd generation of photovoltaics we produce are easy to integrate, maintain and operate, while at the same time providing a high aesthetic effect since they are produced in different colours.”

COPE-Nano, which has received funding from the EU and support from the Horizon Europe program, is an initiative to transform the internationally acclaimed Lab for Thin Films and Nanotechnology (LTFN) into a self-sufficient centre of excellence. The project is focused on establishing LTFN as a European leader in fundamental, applied, and industrial research within the rapidly growing fields of nanotechnology and organic electronics. The University of Cambridge and the University of Bordeaux are among the participants in this project.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis remarked on the benefits of the two projects, stating, “These initiatives will generate new employment opportunities for skilled professionals in Greece and could potentially attract those who emigrated from our country during the memorandum years and wish to return.”

HOPE-A is responsible for organizing the efforts of Greece’s industrial and research institutions in the flexible, organic, and printed electronics industry. They strive to reinforce their objectives, encompassing the complete value chain of their products and services.

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