Arnergy Solar is targeting solar integration for large estates by 2024 – CEO, Femi Adeyemo

by Oladosu Adebayo

On Wednesday, October 4, Arnergy Solar held a stakeholder workshop for both the renewable energy industry and the real estate sector to identify points for collaboration in order to deepen solar penetration in existing and developing real estate in the country.The event provided a platform for insightful discussions on critical aspects necessary for the success of the renewable energy and real estate sectors.  Panelists emphasized the importance of factors such as cost, funding accessibility for both developers and end-users, collaboration, and policy development.

These factors, when duly addressed, are believed to play a pivotal role in propelling the sectors towards their set objectives. This progress will, in turn, significantly contribute to global sustainability goals and support the ongoing transition to cleaner and more sustainable forms of energy. In the wake of the workshop, Nairametrics had an enlightening conversation with Femi Adeyemo, the Chief Executive Officer of Arnergy Solar, delving deeper into the potential collaboration between these vital sectors. 

These are excerpts from the conversation…

NAIRAMETRICS: Looking at this potential collaboration with the real estate sector, what set targets do you have?

Femi Adeyemo: Our goal is straightforward: fostering a mutually beneficial collaboration for all parties involved. In essence, we envision a scenario where Arnergy, real estate developers, and homeowners all experience substantial gains. Our target is to achieve this win-win-win outcome by ensuring that solar solutions are seamlessly integrated into the roofs of several large estates, at the latest by Q1/2024.  

We are specifically targeting estates comprising a minimum of 100 units, where each and every roof will be equipped with solar panels. This approach provides an assurance of sustainable energy supply and sets the stage for potentially transformative developments in the future. It signifies the initiation of a promising journey toward a cleaner, more sustainable energy future, with tangible benefits for all stakeholders. 

NAIRAMETRICS: Why are you meeting real estate developers in Abuja not Lagos?

Femi Adeyemo: Arnergy Solar’s main office is situated in Lagos, but our strategic expansion into Abuja was a well-considered decision. The city presents an abundance of installation opportunities, making it highly conducive for solar energy harnessing. The advantageous aspect lies in the fact that, for every square meter of solar panel adorning a roof in Abuja, we can significantly augment energy generation. 

Moreover, Abuja is experiencing a remarkable surge in real estate development, making it an ideal location for us to extend our services. By establishing a presence in Abuja, we aim to send a strong message to the industry: the solar energy sector is not only here to stay but is ready for fruitful collaboration and sustained growth. Our foray into Abuja signifies our dedication to driving sustainable energy solutions and supporting the burgeoning real estate sector. We intend to forge strong partnerships and contribute our expertise to the city’s development, showcasing the immense potential of solar energy in powering progress and fostering a sustainable future. Together, we can illuminate pathways to a greener and more prosperous tomorrow

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