Solar-Powered Street Lighting: Embracing a Pay as You Go Solution

by Vincent Godstime

Solar-Powered Street Lighting: Embracing a Pay-as-You-Go Solution

Africa Go Solar (AGS), a prominent solar energy solutions provider, has unveiled an innovative pay-as-you-go solar solution with the objective of illuminating the streets of Nigeria. AGS aims to address Nigeria’s persistent electricity issues and cater to the growing demand for reliable and affordable lighting within local communities. By offering this sustainable lighting solution, AGS strives to provide a practical remedy to Nigeria’s power challenges and fulfil the needs of its people.

Africa Go Solar’s Chief Executive Officer, Sola Fajuke, expressed immense enthusiasm about the launch of their pay-as-you-go solar street lighting solution in Nigeria. Fajuke emphasized that solar energy perfectly aligns with Nigeria’s sustainable development objectives and contributes to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, specifically in the areas of affordable and clean energy, climate action, and poverty alleviation.

Fajuke further highlighted the pressing need for solar energy adoption in Nigeria, given the significant challenges faced by the country’s conventional electricity grid in meeting the soaring energy demands of its population. By implementing solar-powered streetlights, starting with the Abraham Adesanya project, Africa Go Solar firmly believes that adopting solar energy solutions will enhance the overall quality of life for Nigerians while simultaneously creating new economic opportunities.

Africa Go Solar (AGS) has partnered with Fuji Electric, a well-known Japanese solar technology provider, to offer robust solar solutions to European cities including Germany, Italy, and London. This collaboration has allowed AGS to establish an impressive track record in delivering solar installations that adhere to the highest quality and performance standards. Through this partnership, AGS aims to contribute to advancing solar energy adoption in Europe and provide sustainable and reliable energy solutions to urban centres.

Bolanale Bodede, Chairperson of the Abraham Adesanya Housing Estate, expressed enthusiasm about the installation of solar-powered and CCTV-integrated street lights by Africa Go Solar. Bodede highlighted the significance of this intervention, as the estate previously lacked streetlights, which compromised visibility during nighttime. The timely installation is expected to enhance security and facilitate movement within the estate, particularly during the evening hours.

The street lights provided by AGS are equipped with CCTV cameras and a real-time monitoring system, offering advanced security features. These include infrared LED night vision, motion and sound detection, two-way communication, and wireless surveillance capabilities. This comprehensive solution serves as a powerful deterrent against theft, vandalism, and break-ins, addressing the prevailing security challenges in the country. Furthermore, the availability of compelling video evidence enhances the potential for successful prosecution in criminal cases.

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