Nigerdock switches to Solar Power, Reducing its Daytime Energy Consumption by 40%.

by Vincent Godstime

Nigerdock, a Nigerian maritime company, has announced that its recent switch to solar energy has resulted in a 40% reduction of daytime energy consumption at its Snake Island office in Lagos. According to a statement seen by Thisday, the CEO of Nigerdock, Maher Jarmakani, highlighted that the move to solar power is not only reducing energy costs but also contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. He said:

  • “As a self-sustaining economic hub, improving our energy consumption and reducing our carbon footprint is pivotal to our long-term operations and success. Our renewable energy solution will provide us and our growing clientele with consistent power and greater ease to conduct business.
  • “This project is part of a wider push by Nigerdock to develop 20 megawatts (MW) of sustainable, cost-effective, and reliable power within the free zone. Current solar operations enable Nigerdock to displace 40% of its daytime energy consumption, reduce CO2 output by about 2,000 metric tons, and achieve significant emission reduction targets.
  • “The solar power expansion is the next step in Nigerdock’s journey towards green port status, highlighting the company’s vision and commitment to Nigeria’s Climate Change Act, the Blue Economy, and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.”

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