Company Delivers 205 Solar-Powered Houses to Tackle Energy Crisis in Lagos

by Oladosu Adebayo
Solar Powered House
Determined to eradicate air pollution and solve the crisis caused by the high cost of diesel for various estate dwellers in Nigeria, a real estate developer, Dr. Kennedy Okonkwo, on Thursday delivered 205 units of fully solar-powered houses in Citadel View Estate in Lagos. The company delivered 205 units out of the 306 launched exactly one year ago. Okonkwo, who revealed this during a media briefing on the premises of the estate on Thursday, said that the company has decided to tap into nature to solve some of the Nigerian problems, which include climate change, energy, inflation crises, among others, by delivering in its second fully-powered estate.

Dr. Okonkwo stated that “The beauty of what we are doing is that climate change is real, carbon in our atmosphere is real and we cannot use our hands to destroy the Earth that God has given to us. The same God has also given us sunlight. “The whole essence of Citadel is the solar revolution, it is to ensure that we harness the power of the sun. “The reason why we decided to tap into the power of the sun was because there was a COVID-19. After that, we had the Ukraine-Russian war and the energy crisis, diesel price was N155 per litre before COVID-19 and by the time COVID came, it is now N600 per litre.

“Then, the income of the average Nigerian is not increased, the inflation is affecting everything and all the estates have the same complaints.
“We said to ourselves that we need to look inwards and find out how we can solve those problems. So, with the rising costs and inflation, we thought it wise to execute this project.”

Dr. Okonkwo reveals that while the Estate comprises 306 units in total, the initial phase of development is complete with 205 units available for customers and subscribers.

“We have partnered with reputable brands when it comes to solar inverters because we know that when we partner with a leading European brand, we will have the best quality that Nigerians deserve.

“People say that the solar system does not last; that after one month, it packs up but the company we have partnered with, has a five-year warranty.
“Inverter systems are scalable and you get to enjoy more power supply.”

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